Is Madonna's New Video a Gaga Rip-Off?

Madge's "Girl Gone Wild" video leaks and Gaga fans claim the Queen of Pop is copying Mother Monster

Madonna’s "Girl Gone Wild" video is pretty much the opposite of a Girls Gone Wild video—instead of cheap footage of sloppy-drunk girls flashing their tatas, Madge has given us an arty, black-and-white clip of male models in high heels showing off their oily, chiseled pecks.

Lady Gaga fans are crying foul, though. YouTube comment boards for “Girl Gone Wild” are stuffed with accusations that this clip is far too close to Gaga’s “Alejandro” video. Madonna enthusiasts, in response, are saying it’s a moot point since Lady G’s “Alejandro” was a “Vogue” and "Human Nature" rip-off in the first place. And the senseless battle rages on.

What do you think of Madonna’s man-candy-filled video? Does it make you think of a Gaga clip or are Little Monsters just being Little Trolls? 

My take? Monsters be still. Madge has done this all before. 


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