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News Notes: Justin Bieber Drops "Boyfriend" & More

A roundup of the headlines you should kinda sorta know
Kevin Winter

Justin Bieber Releases "Boyfriend"
Listen to the first single from his upcoming third album Believe. Listen to it here.

Is Miley Cyrus Engaged?
Singer's tweet reveals possible engagement ring. [NY Post]

BREAKING: Rappers Smoke Weed
An Oklahoma City club owner was arrested after Drake's after-party became a Cheech and Chong film re-enactment. [Popdust]

Sigur Ros Prep New Album 
Post-rock fans can mark May on their calendars for the band's "heavy and floaty" album. [Prefix

Is Montreal Banning Hip Hop Shows?
A Montreal bar owner claims the liquor board added a "no hip hop" clause before renewing her permit. Someone book Choclair while they still can! [Prefix]

Timbaland Talks Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?"
14 years later, did she actually like those baby coos? [Vibe]

Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen Talks Puking Blood
And not in that cool, metal sort of way. [Rolling Stone]

Bobby Womack Diagnosed With Cancer
Ahead of new collaboration with Damon Albarn, the soul legend reveals some disappointing news. [Spinner]

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August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

The "Don't" singer, Ed Sheeran, makes a special appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" as the lovable orphan, Annie. Donning the famous red dress, and the equally famous red hair, we think Sheeran would make a great understudy. The best part though? His little dog friend, Sandy on that skateboard.