Pete Wentz Calls Patrick Stump's Rant "Truthful" & "Honest"

"He's all good. He's not going to jump off a balcony any time soon"

Fuse chatted with Pete Wentz at SXSW on Friday and got the lowdown on his upcoming album with his new side project, Black Cards, and also heard his two cents on the recent web rant from his former Fall Out Boy bandmate Patrick Stump, who called himself a 27-year-old "has-been."

"It doesn't get much better at 32," joked Wentz. "I've talked to a couple of my friends who have been in bands for 10 years, and I think that anyone who has been there knows it's a really truthful and honest thing."

Wentz adds, "He's all good. He's not going to jump off [a] balcony any time soon."

Watch the full video above.

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