Five Lost Kurt Cobain Artworks Uncovered

Four paintings and one drawing from the In Utero era were found in a vault
JJ Gonson

Kurt Cobain was a fabulously talented visual artist as well as a rock god, and now, five new pieces of his visual art (four paintings and a drawing) are available thanks to Maer Roshan, founder of the website The Fix.

Roshan was working on an e-book called Courtney Comes Clean about Courtney Love's substance abuse issues when he came across the artwork housed in a high-end Los Angeles art storage facility. Courtney Love plans to auction the artwork (Cobain's publishing company says they may block the auction because they paid the fees on the art storage facility, but that's another story) along with other Cobain memorabilia in a sale that's expected to earn $100 million.

According to The Fix, "This work comes from the troubled mind of Cobain at the height of his addiction. Painted in 1993, during the recording of Nirvana's last studio album, In Utero, they illustrate the young genius's fascination with decay, conception, nourishment, and waste."

Check out the images here and let us know what you think about them in the comments below!


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