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Snoop Dogg is Publishing a Book You Can Smoke Called "Rolling Words"

You can strike a match on it too
Kristian Dowling

Literary Snoop Dogg fans, your wildest dreams are about to come true: according to design website The Dieline, he's dropping a book that you can literally smoke. Check out photos of it here and here.

It's called Rolling Words and it's made entirely of hemp seed paper. You can tear pages out of this thing and roll tobacco up in them. TOBACCO! :). And the front cover is a match-striking surface. You probably shouldn't smoke that.

The book's pages are full of lyrics and trademark Snoop Dogg phrases written in non-toxic ink, and it was created as a promotional item to support Snoop Dogg's Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers.

Snoop's camp isn't sure how the book will be distributed, if at all, but Coachella attendees will get a chance to sample the rolling papers from books available at the festival.

Would you buy this book if you could? Watch Snoop's video about it and let us know in the comments below!

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