All Time Low

All Time Low Talk Recording Album Without a Label

After leaving Interscope, the band teases the untitled fifth album they've recorded on their own

Fuse's Allison Hagendorf caught up with Baltimore pop-punkers All Time Low at Warped Tour 2012 to chat about what it's been like recording music after leaving a major label.

"We've been label-less since the winter," lead singer Alex Gaskarth says. "We've gotten to do [the album] completely on our own and by our standards. This time around, we wanted to write the songs we wanted to write, and whoever wants it can have it."

Will All Time Low ever sign to another label?

"We're absolutely looking for another label," says guitarist Jack Barakat, whose Back to the Future t-shirt we're very jealous of. "Seriously, please help us!" Gaskarth adds laughing. "We're homeless," Barakat says, feigning desperation. 

"It's up in the air right now," Gaskarth answers seriously. "We're going to do what's best for us. There are things on the table right now but who knows what we'll end up doing."

Given that All Time Low took their band's name from a New Found Glory lyric, we asked them what All Time Low lyric future rockers should tap for a killer band name.

"That's too good of a question for us," Barakat says, smiling, but Gaskarth figures it out: "The Reckless and the Brave."

So there you go—All Time Low just saved your band hours upon hours of arguing. Thank them by watching the whole interview in the video above. And check out our "Best Moments From the Warped Tour Kickoff" gallery, with excerpt's of All Time Low's hilariously filthy stage banter.

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