Check Out Deadmau5's Clothing Line

Will he ever get tired of the mouse head logo? Hopefully not!

Deadmau5 is a man who does two things very well: rant about other famous musicians and make fantastically successful music himself. But, as Kanye West proved, that might not make him a suitable clothing designer!

You can be the judge of that for yourself because Deadmau5 has just released a clothing line for Neff Headwear, a lifestyle brand based in California that outfits celebrities like RiFF RaFF and Snoop Dogg and seems to be dominating the lifestyle/skate/snowboarding clothing market at the moment. The line is called, of course, Neffmau5.

In a press release, according to Billboard, Deadmau5 said, "I love the street and snowboard scene. The people involved are the people I see at my shows, so it made sense to hook up with a cool company like Neff to work on a collaboration. Plus it was easy to put ears on the Neff face for an instantly legit logo, right?"

So check out the collection here and let us know what you think of Deadmau5's designs in the comments!

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