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Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa Talk Pranks, Touring Together

The Pittsburgh rappers on why their Under the Influence of Music Tour is as much rock 'n' roll as rap

"Everybody uses that word [rock star]," says Wiz Khalifa backstage at the Under the Influence of Music Tour. "It’s rock and roll and it’s real, real raw rap too."

Fuse caught up with Wiz, Mac Miller, Chevy Woods, Boaz and Chiddy Bang for their tour, which also includes Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar. When we watched the energetic show, we immediately noticed the inherent camaraderie between the performers, with every act watching their peers from the side of the stage.

"That’s a free Kendrick Lamar show," says Miller. "I root for them always. It’s dope to be on tour together just for the sake of seeing them rock. That’s my favorite crew right now."

Check out the full video above to learn more about the tour and find out how Mac Miller avoids getting pranked on the road.

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