Slash Talks Charlie Sheen & His New Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The recent recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame talks about his last-minute phone call asking Sheen to speak on his behalf

When Fuse sat down with Slash to chat about netting a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, he told us why he waited until the very last minute to ask the infamous Charlie Sheen (who ended up taking the opportunity to roast Axl Rose) to speak on his behalf—he was "embarrassed."

"[The people from the Hollywood Walk of Fame] said you gotta get people to speak on your behalf [at the ceremony]," Slash tells Fuse. "And I was way too embarrassed to call anybody. Finally in the eleventh hour, they said, 'You really need to get that together and pick who is going to speak for you.' Charlie, he was always in the back of my mind as the guy to call. So finally I sent a text to Charlie, 'Hey, would you speak on my behalf at the Hollywood Walk of Fame?' And he was really glad to do it, which I was sort of surprised at. I was prepared for him to be busy shooting." 

Slash also reveals he wasn't buying the Walk of Fame star news when he first heard it. "I didn't believe it for months... it wasn't until the last month that people started asking me about it in interviews that I thought, 'Well, this has to be real.' It's permanent as long as the sidewalk is there."

For Slash's full thoughts on Sheen and his honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, watch the video above.  


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