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5 Classic Album Covers Get the Old Lady "Jesus" Restoration Treatment

Inspired by that 80-year-old's botched art restoration job in Spain, this is rock album art tailored to her unique tastes

A well-meaning but woefully under-qualified 80-year-old woman recently destroyed a 100-year-old work of art from Elias Garcia Martinez when she tried to restore the dilapidated portrait of Jesus. But her disastrous touch-up job has proved a major inspiration to artists across the Internet who are recasting other classic paintings to fit her strange vision of the human face (which makes Christ look like a monkey making an o-face). 

But why limit her creative vision to the traditional art world? After all, the cover photo of John Lennon's Imagine could use a little touching up, right? It looks so terribly washed out! It must have just flaked away over the last 40 years, I suppose.... So, in tribute to the world of rock album art and an elderly Spanish lady with a simian-like style, I've taken five classic album covers and restored them at long last!

John Lennon's Imagine, Restored

Duran Duran's Rio, Restored

Madonna's Like A Virgin, Restored

U2's The Joshua Tree, Restored

Led Zeppelin's fourth album cover, Restored

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