Florence and the Machine

Florence + the Machine Taking Year-Long Break Before Next Album

All good onstage ballerina twirls must come to an end
James Devaney

For those of you who have seen Florence + the Machine play live over these past few years—either at Radio City Music Hall earlier this year or at seemingly any music festival—burnish the singer's image into your brain now, as Welch announced plans to take 12 months off before recording her follow-up to last year's Ceremonials.  

"There's a big 'take a year off' plan," Welch told Style magazine (via NME). "The record company have put no pressure on me for the next album. They've said I can have as long as I want."

No word on if the singer will still collaborate with other artists during her self-imposed hiatus. At Lollapalooza, the singer discussed "Sweet Nothing," her upcoming collaboration with Calvin Harris, but after that, who knows? Record with other people? Dress up in furry animal costumes? Parade around naked (as she told us she's wont to do)?

We'll just go with, "Tweet pics of Florence lookalikes" and impatiently wait for new music.

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