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From the Vault: Thursday

Along with filling us in on all their musical endeavors over the years, Thursday have also taught us about the art of microwaving shirts, their unexpected recording with The Cure and the reason behind their break up

New Jersey is known for churning out incredible rock bands, Thursday being one of Fuse's favorite. We've been keeping up with the band since 2005 and even spoke with frontman Geoff Rickly right after Thursday's hiatus was announced. Over the years, we've covered albums and music videos, the "honeypots" on Warped Tour, microwaving shirts, and even their surprise (and unheard) collaboration with The Cure. Relive these moment and more in this episode of From the Vault.

About From the Vault:
Throughout the years, Fuse has spent a lot of time interviewing a lot of incredible musicians. Reflecting on the channel’s rich history, we decided to blow the doors off our tape library and pull some of the best archive material with some of your favorite artists “from the vault.”

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