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Black Keys Drummer Weds, Drunken Guest Shaun White Arrested

The couple's Irish wolfhound accompanied them for the entire ceremony
Photo Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins

Happy news for all Black Keys fans not secretly in love with the drummer! Patrick Carney, the sticksman for the commercial-friendly rock band, got married over the weekend to his long term girlfriend, Emily Ward. Congrats!

The ceremony sounds quirky and fun. The 350 guests watched as the couple walked down the aisle to Tommy James & the Shondells’ "Crimson and Clover."And, even cuter, the couple’s Irish wolfhound, Charlotte, was with the couple for the entire wedding.

So, that’s adorable and all, but the best part came later, when Olympic gold medalist and pro-snowboarder Shaun White was arrested for pulling a fire alarm at a hotel. White then tried to escape before drunkenly falling and injuring his face on a fence. He ended up with a self-inflicted black eye and formal charges of suspicion of vandalism and public intoxication.


But to be fair, who hasn't left a wedding looking like that at least once?


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