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Listen: James Franco Debuts New Band Daddy & First Single "Love in the Old Days"

Franco and his onetime classmate Tim O'Keefe to release debut EP 'MotorCity' on September 25
Jason Merritt

James Franco is at it again. And by that we mean the Spring Breakers actor has yet another gig, this time as a singer-songwriter. Oh yes, the renaissance man who is basically the only Hollywood professional who can juggle about a gazillion different projects at one time, is a member of the newly formed band called Daddy, along with musician-artist Tim O’Keefe, his old classmate from Rhode Island School of Design. Their debut EP, out September 25, is titled MotorCity and its first single is a free-love-‘70s-spoken-word-type tune called “Love in the Old Days.” Listen and see the music video at Rolling Stone.

Franco tells RS that this creative endeavor came about while he was working on another project in Detroit, the Sam Raimi-directed epic Oz: The Great and Powerful.

The single itself is a raw and loose Motown-inspired jam with Franco reciting poetry in his raspy baritone: "Let's fall in love like they did in the old days," he talk-sings. It definitely puts you in a weird trance and perhaps would be better appreciated while under the influence of some sort of hallucinatory drug. Just sayin'. The single’s video is a summer scene kaleidoscope of hipster girls prancing around in bikinis, laughing, dancing, kissing each other... you know, what cute girls normally do. We should also mention that the video is directed by Franco himself, because why the hell not?

"I know I do a lot of things. I'm very aware of that. I'm sure there are a lot of skeptical people, hearing about me doing music ... To me, it all comes from a similar place. It's like using different tools to express things in different ways,” Franco said.

MotorCity also includes a track called “Crime” featuring Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Now that is something we can get down with.

The cover art for this EP beautifully displays (er...exploits?) his Spring Breakers young lady cast: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.

"If it was four unknowns on that cover, maybe it'd just be purely this sexual thing. But when they're in that movie, the fact that they're on Disney shows carries a lot of weight,” Franco said.

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