Ke$ha's Second Album 'Warrior' Drops in December

Ke$ha: Warrior Princess
Kevin Mazur

Taking a break from whistling unreleased singles on Tokyo subways and hanging out with collaborator/BFF Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, Ke$ha has announced the title and release date of her second album! 

Three things to know: It's called Warrior, it drops Dec. 4 and the lead single "Die Young" comes out Tuesday. Pretty exciting stuff for those of us who brush our teeth with Jack n' glitter each morning.

As often as you hear about Ke$ha, it's weird to think this is only her second LP. But despite her ubiquity since rocketing to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with that unwitting Wizard of Oz tribute track "Tik Tok," this is only her second proper album. (Animal was followed quickly by the Cannibal EP, where her most recent hits came from.)

As for what Warrior will sound like, we know two things for certain: She and Wayne Coyne collaborated on a track about "futuristic sex toys" (a glimpse of things to come) and the lead single may sound like a noisy Tokyo subway. Or that may have been incidental.

Until then, you can enjoy Ke$ha and Coyne duetting on this old Loretta Lynn tune.


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