T.I. Talks New Album, Fun Video Shoots & Working With Andre 3000

"Trouble Man" also features collaborations with Pink, Cee Lo, A$AP Rocky and R. Kelly

T.I. sat down with Fuse to talk about his upcoming album, Trouble Man, and much, much more. In addition to the album, he opened up to us about the recent fun he’s had on a video shoot, his proudest moment as an artist, his new novel, working with Andre 3000 and more. Here are some highlight:

On his new album, Trouble Man: It's somewhere between vintage T.I. and future T.I. I’m just making a diligent effort to give people all the things – the sounds, the energy – that they grew to love, and then I’m trying to give them innovative and creative things to learn to love about T.I.

On filming the video for "Go Get It": It’s the most fun I’ve had on a video shoot for some time. We had a then vs now concept that showed people how things might be different but are still very much the same. I think it’s very important that people see that money doesn’t change a person, it changes the things around the person.

On working with Andre 3000: One of my proudest moments as an artist was when I got to collaborate with 3000. This is a record that’s probably been in the works for 6 years. And we finally got around to doing it. It’s a phenomenal tune.

For more from T.I., check out the video above.

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