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World Premiere: Beware of Darkness’ “Howl” Video

Naked women and muppets highlight the latest video from the Los Angeles rockers

Fuse is stoked to bring you the exclusive world premiere of Beware of Darkness’ killer new song, "Howl." The video’s look—dark, seductive, strange and wild—perfectly matches the song’s old-school rock n’roll vibe.

Beware of Darkness’ singer and guitarist Kyle Nicolaides tells us the video’s concept was to show the band performing with a series of interspersed vignettes, most of which include a scantily clad woman dancing around. But that wasn’t the most important part of the video for Nicolaides.

"The thing I wanted to do most was put a muppet in it," Nicolaides says. "We spent a fourth of the budget to make a muppet."

While Fuse wasn't able to verify those budgetary numbers, we can confirm that there is indeed a muppet-like creature in the video, which adds to the video’s excellent strangeness.

Check out the Fuse exclusive world premiere of Beware of Darkness’ "Howl" above, and enjoy the naked women and muppets.

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