Flyleaf Frontwoman Lacey Sturm Leaves Band

Former Vedera frontwoman Kristen May is set to take Sturm's place
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Bad news for fans of Texan alt-metal outfit Flyleaf: Frontwoman Lacey Sturm has announced her exit from the band after 10 years together. The news comes nearly two months after the band premiered "New Horizons," the first single off their third studio album of the same name.

Lacey took to the Flyleaf website to explain her departure: "I understand that, for me, living life to the fullest in this season means to step down as the lead singer for Flyleaf. I wish the best to [band members] Jared [Hartmann], Pat [Seals], Sameer [Bhattacharya] and James [Culpepper] and I know that as I continue to pursue the highest heights of what I am created for, it will free them all to pursue that for themselves too."

Kristen May, former frontwoman of Kansas City rock group Vedera, will take Lacey's place. Flyleaf bassist Pat Seals is confident about the new direction of the group, stating on their website, "We are excited for this new chapter in the history of Flyleaf, and hope that our fans will accompany us as we continue on this journey to bring hope and inspiration through our music."

Flyleaf's New Horizons is out now. Check out their latest single below.


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