Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Wiz Khalifa, & More, Pen Songs for NFL Teams

We had no idea these guys were into football
Kevin Winter

Talk about team spirit.  Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson and others, have signed on with Pepsi and the National Football League to write original songs for their favorite NFL teams.

"Writing a custom song for my New York Jets is something I could only dream of growing up steps from Joe Namath in New York. Rooting for him and the Jets fueled my passion for sports and songwriting so this is a true honor for me," Kravitz said.

The Pepsi NFL Anthems ad campaign kicks off (no pun intended) tomorrow when the New York Jets take on the New England Patriots with the premiere of Areosmith’s “Legendary Child - Patriots Anthem,” and Kravitz’s “Like a Jet.”

"This is a program the band and I were excited to get behind as it is a true representation of our allegiance to the New England Patriots and the city of Boston," Steven Tyler said.

In addition to New York and Boston, ads featuring the other anthems will roll out in additional markets and air throughout the remainder of the NFL regular season. 

All the songs are free and available for download. Here’s a list of the artists and their respective teams:

Kid Rock (Detroit Lions)

Kelly Clarkson (Dallas Cowboys)

Ice Cube (Oakland Raiders)

Travie McCoy (New York Giants)

Wiz Khalifa remix of "Black and Yellow" (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Alright, so now we have an incentive to watch football. 

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