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It's Drake vs. Drake in Round 2 of Fuse's Top 40 Battle

Can Drake (the featured artist) beat Drake (the guest star) in our latest battle?
Johnny Nunez

Kramer vs. Kramer. One Direction vs. One Direction. And now, Fuse's Top 40 of 2012 has its own famous same-name battle: Drake vs. Drake.

The recent high school graduate has never had a problem hopping onto other people's tracks, but now it's his guest appearance on 2 Chainz's "No Lie" that is currently battling with "The Motto," Drake's track with Lil Wayne and Tyga that has led to many an unfortunate YOLO tattoo.

In the video for "No Lie," a tank-topped Drake rhymes about making Forbes' richer-than-you list and being "young as an intern," while paints drips down the camera lens. For "The Motto," Drake continues to rhyme about how much money he has, but, uh, this time, it's in color and in the club.

Currently, "The Motto" is killing "No Lie," but there's still plenty of time to vote in Round 2. Start clicking

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