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Artwork From The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's' Album Sold for Over $88,000

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The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Artwork Sold for Over $88,000 The art was created by Sir Peter Blake and was used to create an insert for the album. [BBC]

The Killers Quit Manchester Gig After Just 4 Songs Brandon Flowers had to stop because he had a sore throat. "I'm sorry I've never had to do this before but we've gotta stop. I can't sing… I don't know what else to tell you. I'm sorry. I know it's frustrating for you and I'm sorry. I promise that we will come back," he told the crowd. [NME]

Hinder's New Album Inspired By Singer's "Really, Really Dark Drug Binge" "I was in a very, very, very dark addiction," frontman Austin Winkler told Billboard. "I think you can definitely hear the turmoil in my voice."Thankfully, Winkler went to rehab after the group finished the album. [Billboard]

Watch the Video for "Remember You," Wiz Khalifa's Collaboration With the Weeknd The video is excellent but be forewarned; there are lots of very sad, very pretty girls in it. [Pitchfork]

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June 23: Jack White's Really Rooting for the Home Team

June 23: Jack White's Really Rooting for the Home Team

Were the Cubs down or something? Jack White was spotted at last night's baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and San Diego Padres looking absolutely miserable. The Cubbies pulled out a 6-0 win over San Diego last night so the White Stripe ideally should have been enjoying himself in spite of the team's current 41-57 record.