Dubstep Meets 'Zelda': Play Skrillrex's New Video Game!

Help save a princess from evil malfunctioning computers in the online 'Skrillex Quest'

Rejoice, fans of old school video games and dubstep: Skrillex finally has his own video game. The aptly named Skrillex Quest is an online game based on Nintendo's seminal 1986 classic, The Legend of Zelda.

Like Zelda, there are kings and princesses and even a Link-like character named P1 (who, of course, resembles Skrillex). But there's a twist: according to game creator Jason Oda, who's previously created games for musicians like the Chemical Brothers and Fall Out Boy, Skrillex Quest's themes were largely based on the original Nintendo's technical glitches.

"Remember blowing the dust out of your NES cartridges when they glitched?" Oda said in a release on Facebook. "This game is all about that from the perspective of the people within the game."

Instead of being held captive by a monster, the King and the princess are trapped in world "corrupted" by a "speck of dust." The glitches aren't just visual additions; they actually become villains P1 must defeat.

"Skrillex's music sometimes sounds like a broken video game," Oda told Mashable. "It fit perfectly with my glitch idea, and I took inspiration from the few lyrics it does contain for content."

For bass drops and old school video game thrills, check out the game here

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