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Jay-Z Substitutes "Mitt" for "B-tch" in "99 Problems" at Obama Rally

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Stephen Albanese

Jay-Z Goes Rogue After rapping "I got 99 problems but a Mitt ain't one," Jay acknowledged, "I didn't get that one vetted [by Obama's campaign]." [HuffPo]

Beyonce Pens Obama Support Letter Queen Bey writes, "You are the reason my daughter and nephew can grow up knowing they truly can be ANYTHING they want to be." [HuffPo]

Cat Power Delays Tour Due to Health After worrying she would have to cancel an upcoming tour due to health issues and bankruptcy, the indie singer-songwriter confirms she'll have to delay her European tour for now. [Pitchfork]

Bruce Springsteen Made Gov. Christie Cry But in a good way! The Republican New Jersey governor finally got some quality time with his very Democratic hero when the two talked hurricane relief. [Rolling Stone]

Coldplay's Drummer Headed to Game of Thrones Will Champion will leave his comfort zone for HBO and get inside the mind of... a drummer. [EW]

M.I.A.'s Next Album Delayed For those of you planning on buying your grandma a copy of Matangi for Christmas, you'll have to find something else. [Spin]

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August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

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