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Top 40: Justin Bieber: A Brief Hip Hop History

How a 13-year-old pop singer transformed into Lil Swaggy
November 12, 2012

January 18, 2010: JB Releases "Baby" Featuring Ludacris

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"Swagification" wasn't even a word before Justin Bieber came on the scene, but in a few short years, the soulful busker from Stratford, Ontario has officially added hip hop icon to his resume. Okay, maybe icon is a bit strong, but the hip hop community has embraced Bieber more than any boy band or teenage singer in musical history. From ripping monstrous freestyles on radio shows to getting Ludacris and Soulja Boy on your tracks to releasing music as your rap alter ego, Bieber's love of hip hop-and vice versa-is well-documented. Here's a brief history.

March 19, 2010: Bieber Rips a Ferocious Freestyle on UK Hip Hop DJ Tim Westwood's Show

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May 22, 2010: Bieber Releases the Soulja Boy-Assisted "Rich Girl"

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May 27: 2010: Biebz Releases "Never Say Never" With Help from Jaden Smith

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August 30, 2010: The "Runaway Love" Remix Featuring Raekwon, Kanye Is Released

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October 14, 2010: The Birth of Bieber's Rap Alter Ego Shawty Mane

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February 7, 2011: Lil B Releases the SEO-Baiting Track "Justin Bieber"

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April 30, 2011: Biebz Performs a Verse From "Look At Me Now" With Chris Brown

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November 1, 2011: JB's Christmas Album 'Under the Mistletoe' Is Released, Featuring "Drummer Boy" With Busta Rhymes

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November 2, 2011: The "Otis" Freestyle

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November 18, 2011: The "DWYCK" Freestyle

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December 20, 2011: The "Who Shot Ya" Freestyle

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April 3, 2012: Bieber Appears on Hip Hop Morning Show "The Breakfast Club"

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June 15, 2012: Bieber's Second Album, the Hip Hop-Drenched 'Believe,' Is Released

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October 12, 2012: Bieber and Nicki Minaj Release the "Beauty and a Beat" Video

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