Justin Bieber

You Can Now Buy a Justin Bieber Sex Doll

We are all worse off for this story existing

Just in time for Christmas, Pipedream Projects, a name that may ring a bell if your hobby is collecting sex dolls, has finally given the world what it so desperately needed in this time of uncertainty and crisis: a Justin Bieber sex doll named "Just-In Beaver."

Until Bieber's lawyer finishes signing the cease-and-desist order, you can buy the plastic manifestation of your long-held fantasy. "When he's not busy beating up paparazzi or beating off, he's up to his high-tops in hot Hollywood tail!," reads the doll's description. Duly noted.

For those whose sex doll proclivities skew female, the company also makes J Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll ("Booty From the Block!"), Dirty Christina Fantasy Doll and Katy Pervy. Where does it end? Ladyboy Gaga? One Erection? Nicki Minaj a Trois? Snoop Raw Dogg? The supply, assuming we live in a world where lawyers never existed, is limitless.

No word from Bieber on the doll, but really, what's he going to say?

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