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Lady Antebellum Talk 'On This Winter's Night' Holiday Concert

The Nashville show will be streamed on Fuse.tv Tuesday, December 4 at 8 PM ET

To support their recently released Christmas album, On This Winter's Night, country superstars Lady Antebellum are playing a holiday concert in Nashville.  Can't make the trip down South? Fret not—Fuse.tv will be live streaming the concert on December 4 at 8 PM ET.

In a recent interview with Fuse, the band said they're looking forward to the concert. "It's the first time we've performed with a full symphony," says drummer Charles Kelley. "It makes you feel like you made it when you have a big old band."

Singer Hillary Scott echoed those sentiments. "It'll be great to perform the songs like you hear on them on the record," she says. "We'll really be able to recreate the experience. Whenever you record, it's hard to get everyone in the same room to record at the exact same time.  Being able to do the full production will the fun part."

While the band has brought big name surprise guests on stage at previous Nashville shows, the group cautioned against expecting any this time around. "We're going to be greedy this Christmas," Kelley says. "It's just us."

"Does that put us on the naughty list?" asks a laughing Scott. 

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