Prepare for a Ne-Yo Takeover With R&B Superstar's Best Songs

Ne-Yo is taking over Fuse all day on Monday, but you can listen to all his essential tracks right now
Mike Marsland

Ne-Yo's brand-new album R.E.D. is set for release on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and we're teaming up with the R&B superstar to kick off his new project!

This Monday, Nov. 5 at 5/4C head to the Fuse YouTube channel or for Fuse Live: Ne-Yo, an exclusive performance streaming live from our New York City studio!

As if that's not enough, Ne-Yo's taking over our broadcast channel on Monday! It's a full day Ne-Yo Takeover with exclusive interviews and all his best videos. (Find Fuse here).

The singer already told us about pranking One Direction and what R.E.D. stands for, but to get ready for R.E.D., we've compiled this Ne-Yo Essentials Playlist, featuring both guest appearances and solo album cuts. It's the only Ne-Yo playlist you'll ever need (if we do say so ourselves). Check out our Spotify app for more playlists like this and see ya Monday!


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