One Direction Wish They Were Cool Enough to Work With Jay-Z

Hey, they said it, not us!
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One Direction may have the No. 1 album in the country, their own pop-up shop in New York City and plenty of passport stamps from traveling the world 1,000 times over, but the boy band still don't think they're cool enough to collaborate with Jay-Z. No offense, 1D, but even the coolest of the cool aren't cool enough to collaborate with Jay-Z.

When speaking to MTV News recently, the London lads opened up about their upcoming world tour -- they're playing a whopping 101 dates -- and who they wish they could hit the road with. Katy Perry and Celine Dion -- no, really -- get name dropped in the conversation, but Jay-Z tops the list.

Zayn Malik (the hot one) says, "Imagine going on tour with Jay-Z!" While his four bandmates laugh at him hysterically, Zayn reiterates, "[The interviewer] said anyone!" He has a point.

When pressed further on an actual Jay-Z collabo, Louis Tomlinson (the sweet one) admits, "I don't think we're cool enough to work with Jay-Z." Liam Payne (the nice one) adds, "We're not cool enough, but I wish we could."

The ball's in your court, HOVA.

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