Paul McCartney Narrowly Avoided a Disastrous Helicopter Crash

His 'copter came just two feet from the treeline near his estate's helipad
Dave J Hogan

According to reports, Paul McCartney's chartered helicopter came within two feet of crashing during a flight last May. Sir Paul was with his wife, Nancy Shevell, at the time.

The pilot of their 9-seat Air Harrods helicopter became disoriented during poor weather conditions and accidentally steered towards trees near the helipad at McCartney's East Sussex estate. But, thankfully, the pilot regained control at the last second and diverted the flight to a nearby airport, where he landed safely. The Department of Transportation is now investigating the incident.

McCartney's representative said he was aware of the issue, but had no comment. Air Harrods, the company who owns the chopper, said they were "working in full cooperation" with investigators. 

Scary stuff, all around. Not only is McCartney still making music and putting on excellent live shows, he's also the only remaining non-Ringo Beatle. Are we ready for a world in which the only Beatle is Ringo? Answer: no.

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