Psy to Collaborate With Justin Bieber, Internet to Explode

This will no doubt be the most popular song of all time
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During a stroke of evil genius, the universe gave K-pop sensation Psy the grand idea to collaborate with Justin Bieber, and there really isn't anything that any of us can do about it. Speaking to Capital FM, the "Gangnam Style" star said about teaming up with the Biebs, "We have a plan to do something together later but we don't have any details yet. But, sure, we gonna do some work later on." (Can they invite Bill Nye along too?!)

If you're wondering just how many records the YouTube video of the forthcoming Psy/Justin Bieber collaboration is going to break, well, so is Psy. He's basically counting on it: "I mean of course you know, hundreds of millions combined [views of their videos] on YouTube—it's gonna explode, right?"

While we're sure both K-pop fans and Bieber fanatics will eat the collaboration up, there's probably no one more excited than Scooter Braun. He manages both of them—he's probably transforming his bedroom into a bank vault as we speak.


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