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Rihanna, Billy Joel, Missy Elliott and 122 Other Musicians Fighting With Pandora Radio

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Rihanna, Billy Joel, Missy Elliott and 122 Other Musicians Fighting With Pandora Radio The artist's say Pandora is pushing for a new bill that would cut online royalties by as much as 85 percent. [Rolling Stone]

The Killers Quoted The Smiths In Apology for Canceling Manchester Concerts Using a line from the The Smiths' "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish," The Killers wrote in a statement: "Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry. Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP. ?K" The concerts were cancelled after singer Brandon Flowers lost his voice. [NME]

Watch Dirty Projectors Perform on Letterman The indie rockers played "About to Die," from their new album, Swing Low Magellan. [Pitchfork]

Mick Jagger Made a General Petraeus Joke At Crossfire Hurricane Premiere The frontman quipped at the premiere of the Rolling Stone's new documentary that he rememberd a "simpler America, where we didn't read other people's emails, so we didn't know four-star generals were having affairs." [Billboard]

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August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

The "Don't" singer, Ed Sheeran, makes a special appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" as the lovable orphan, Annie. Donning the famous red dress, and the equally famous red hair, we think Sheeran would make a great understudy. The best part though? His little dog friend, Sandy on that skateboard.