Rihanna Scores Her First No. 1 Album and Weeps

RiRi gets sweetly vulgar when celebrating the success of 'Unapologetic' on Twitter
Johnny Nunez

Believe it or not, Rihanna—who might be the biggest pop star on the planet—just scored her first No. 1 album in America with Unapologetic. And when she learned the news, the singer broke down like a total sissy. 

No, really. "I'm legit crying like a pussy right now!!" Rihanna tweeted. Awww, that's cute. 

Honestly, though, the fact that Rihanna's seventh album is her first to go No. 1 is a bit shocking. After all, she's already tied Madonna and the Supremes for the fourth-most No. 1 singles ever. But somehow, her first six hit-laden LPs were kept out of the sweet spot. Last year, for instance, Talk That Talk debuted at No. 3 thanks to big-selling albums from Nickelback and a Christmas record from Michael Buble, of all people. So given that, you can understand why Rihanna is weeping for joy over this latest achievement.

Unapologetic moved 238,000 copies in its first week (and Talk That Talk is still on the album charts today—you shine bright, girl!). On the other hand, this debut is much lower than last week's No. 1. About 540,000 fans took home a copy of One Direction's second album, giving it the year's best debut week behind albums from Taylor Swift and Mumford & Sons

But all things considered, this is a total victory for Rihanna. 


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