Black Lips

Val Kilmer Goes Nuts Onstage With Black Lips

An upcoming Terrence Malick-directed film infiltrates the Austin, TX, concert scene once again

Remember when Val Kilmer played Jim Morrison back in the 1991 biopic film The Doors? Ever think you’d see him portraying a rock star again? Yeah, neither did we. But now this...

The 52-year-old actor joined the Black Lips onstage in Austin, TX, on Friday during Fun Fun Fun Fest, and he rocked out like a madman. Let’s just say a fake chainsaw and a walker were both involved.

If you recall, this isn't the first time the Black Lips have rocked out with guest actors onstage in Austin, TX. Just last month during Austin City Limits, the Atlanta flower-punk quartet jammed with Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara, as Terrence Malick's crew filmed the whole thing. 

The footage will allegedly be used in Malick's untitled film project that also includes Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchet and others. 

IMDB reports that the film’s plot surrounds “two intersecting love triangles. Obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.” High drama!

Film crews caught every second of Kilmer’s wild show, which included the thespian chopping of his own hair and chanting lyrics, preacher-style: “Photograph the epitaph!" he yelled. "Rock and roll is dead! Long live rock and roll!"

Amen, Lizard King. Amen.


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