Karl Walter

In an interview with the Guardian, Frank Ocean contemplated his next big move, and while it might not be another album immediately, his next project could be a best-selling novel or, you know, designing an arena in Stockholm.

The R&B singer, who is nominated for six Grammys, says that after releasing his monster debut studio album Channel Orange this past summer that it would be "f--king legendary" to top it with something completely different.

"[Storytelling's] the more interesting part about making music for me, or making albums and songs and stuff," he said. "So much so that I might not make another album. I might just write a novel next."

“The idea of recognizing your strengths and using them in as versatile a way as you can is cool to me. I don't ever want to be caught up in a system of thinking I can do one thing 'cause that's just…that's just telling yourself a lie."

Ocean goes on to say: "This isn't a faux retirement. It's no bulls--t. I was just making music yesterday. But I do think it would be f--king legendary if I just made Channel Orange last year, then put out a best-selling novel next year, then, you know, designed an arena in Stockholm in 2014!"

Okay, dude, one thing at a time. On the other hand, cheers to dreaming big!