Lien Back: Fat Joe Sentenced to Four Months for Tax Evasion

Rapper also hit with $150,000 fine
Graham Denholm

Update (6/24): According to Associated Press, Fat Joe was sentenced to four months in prison and hit with a $150,000 fine for failure to pay taxes.

Fat Joe probably won't be hooking up the IRS with any Christmas gifts this year, as the rapper appeared in federal court in New Jersey to plead guilty to tax evasion, according to Billboard. Specifically, Don Cartagena failed to pay taxes on more than $1 million of income for 2007 and 2008.

As HipHopDX notes, Joey Crack put his $2 million Florida mansion up for sale in 2010 to cover debts of nearly $140,000. The State of New Jersey also gave the 42-year-old a tax lien for $105,000, as well as a Mercer County, New Jersey lien for $32,000.

After pleading guilty, he was released on $250,000 bond, but faces up to two years in jail when he is sentenced in April. Alternative punishment: listening to this 24 hours a day for a year:


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