Monster Mash: Mastodon Writing Music for 'Monsters, Inc.' Prequel

Could there be a better fit than the metal lords behind "Where Strides the Behemoth" and "Deep Sea Creature"?
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The soundtrack for 2001's Monsters, Inc., like many Pixar films, featured a whole lot of Randy Newman. He'll be back for 2013's prequel, Monsters University, only in much heavier company, as Atlanta's grimy metal lords Mastodon have been contracted to write a song for the movie. The quartet are arguably better suited to the subject matter than any of their grim-faced peers, having crafted a number of tunes that could easily describe the John Goodman-voiced blue hulk known as Sully ("Curl of the Burl," anyone? "Crusher Destroyer"?) as well as more beast-oriented titles than maybe any band ever ("Circle of Cysquatch," "Where Strides the Behemoth," "Octopus Has No Friends,""Call of the Mastodon," "Deep Sea Creature," "Iron Tusk," "Megalodon," "Ol'e Nessie"—need we go on?).

And was there ever a more family-friendly moment than Mastodon's puppet-populated clip for "Deathbound"? One of the puppets is almost exactly a hybrid of Monsters, Inc.'s two protagonists, for cryin' out loud. Relive the magic:

Okay, okay, there was a more family-friendly moment—the time Mastodon posed with Barney and friends. Bingo.


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