Rihanna Writes "Unapologetic" Letter to Fans

"I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in"
Rihanna's Instagram

As another year comes to an end, let’s take time to tweet and reflect.

That’s exactly what Rihanna did yesterday, tweeting an image of a handwritten letter to her Navy. Nice penmanship, by the way.

In it, RiRi writes: “There’s no question that life  throws us curve balls, we do our best to deal with them, take the lessons and keep it moving without regrets!”

We can attempt to decode the letter until we’re blue in the face, but let’s just take her words for face value. We all know RiRi has hit some highs this year, and strange lows (?), but regardless let’s let bygones be bygones.  

Here’s to 2013!


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