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More Warped Roadies Take Over Fuse's Twitter!

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After following the crew of Warped Tour for an entire summer, Fuse finally unveiled our new show, Warped Roadies, on Dec. 7. We'll take you behind the scenes every Friday at 11/10c for a look at what goes down at the annual festival.

To add to the awesomeness, every episode will be live-tweeted by a member of the cast. Kenny Leath kicked off the show's premiere with a Warped Roadies Twitter handle takeover, where he talked about gypsies and how often he flips his long tresses. Since then, tour creator Kevin Lyman and Set-Up Crew members Andrew Ince and Terry Myers have done their own takeovers.

Check out our Twitter takeover lineup for the rest of the season!

For a chance to talk to the Roadies, just follow @WarpedRoadies and tweet during each episode using #WarpedRoadies. And if you aren't sure what channel the show is on, just use our handy Fuse channel finder.

Be sure to also enter our Watch and Win VIP Sweepstakes for a chance to win VIP passes to the 2013 Warped Tour.

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