Ex-Wives of Rock

Ask An Ex-Wife: Ask Athena Anything!

Got a burning question for the 'Ex-Wives of Rock' ladies? Submit your questions and Athena may answer yours on Fuse.tv

UPDATE: Check out part 1 our video chat with Athena now and see which fan questions she answered!

Plus, head here to submit questions for Sharise, for the next round of Ask An Ex-Wife!

We know you've grown to love the hilariously awesome 'Ex-Wives of Rock,' so now we're giving you exclusive access to the four ladies!

Throughout the season we'll be asking fans to send us questions for each of the 'Ex-Wives,' starting with Athena Lee.

Ask Athena for advice on love, relationships, music -- or anything else you've been dying to know! We'll go through all the questions submitted and have Athena answer our favorites during an exclusive video chat to be posted here on Fuse.tv in the coming weeks!

Submit your questions for Athena now in the comments below OR tweet us your questions at @FuseTV using the hashtag #AskAnExWife.

We can't wait to see what you guys ask Athena!

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