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Dita Von Teese Adds Singer to Lengthy Resume in New Video

The burlesque star shows off first foray in music with UK electronic duo Monarchy's "Disintegration"

Dita Von Teese has been linked to musicians romantically (married to Marilyn Manson for a year, dated Social Distortion's guitartist/vocalist Mike Ness) but she's never dabbled in that world professionally—until now!

The burlesque babe makes her singing debut on English electronic band Monarchy's new single "Disintegration." Dita doesn't show off any powerhouse vocals, but handles the verses with a seductive whisper/talk delivery. 

If hearing her foray into music wasn't intriguing enough for listeners, the music video should surely get people talking. The clip sees Von Teese playing a range of characters, including burlesque-attired seductress (not a stretch for her), sad housewife (OK, we might believe that) and mosquito bite-aroused woman (a stretch for anyone to play). 

So does Von Teese have a future in the music business? "Disintegration" shows she can definitely make an interesting music video, but we need more music to showcase her talents (should they exist). But we're undoubtedly intrigued!

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