'Jersey Shore' Creators Casting EDM Reality TV Show, Deadmau5 Salty

The Grammy-nominated DJ says "it was just a matter of time" till his genre got co-opted for TV's most delightfully vapid genre
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Doron Ofir Casting, the agency that helped wrought such beautiful projects as Jersey Shore and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, are accepting applications for "the first electronic dance music reality/competition show." Toronto's outspoken DJ extraordinaire Deadmau5 couldn't be more thrilled—kidding! He blew up on Twitter in response to the news, but more on that later...

First, the application process: the form requests information like your stage name, "your typical day from the moment you wake up till you call it a night" and "what obstacles have you had to overcome to pursue your dream of becoming a DJ?" It's a safe bet the show will wind up spotlighting larger-than-life, possibly mockable characters in that hallowed Snooki and Pauly D tradition, more so than the actual next Calvin Harris or Avicii. Spin put it nicely: "DJs who are hoping for a Project Runway-style emphasis on craft may want to think twice about applying."

So, naturally, Kat Von D fiancee and internet-omnipresent noise-maker Deadmau5 isn't impressed. "YAYAYAYYYYYY!!! I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR NEW TV MADE EDM SUPERSTARS!! thanks, eat a d*ck," he tweeted. Then he moved to apathy: "man, well i cant be all that mad really, i saw this sh*t coming a mile away... was just a matter of time really. *shrug* idgaf really."

So Deadmau5 will not be a guest judge. Anyone hit up Skrillex yet?

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