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Happy 1st Birthday, Blue Ivy!

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Blue Ivy Turns 1 Hard to believe it was just a year ago when the most famous baby ever made her debut. Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! Go H.A.M. on that bottle tonight. (MTV News

Nas Hip Hop's "Finest MC"? Well, that's what CNN's claiming. And we all know how much CNN knows about hip hop... (HipHopDX)

Rihanna Fires Back at Fan After being criticized for posting a photo of herself smoking a blunt, the "Diamonds" singer told a fan to "get the f--- outta here you weak b----" when they compared her to Whitney Houston. And not in the good way. (Gigwise)

Sky Blu Debuts "Pop Bottles" After quasi-retiring from LMFAO, Sky Blu has released... an LMFAO song? (Idolator)

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August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

August 29: Little Orphan Ed?

The "Don't" singer, Ed Sheeran, makes a special appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" as the lovable orphan, Annie. Donning the famous red dress, and the equally famous red hair, we think Sheeran would make a great understudy. The best part though? His little dog friend, Sandy on that skateboard.