John Mayer on His First Performance in 2 Years: "Lower Your Expectations"

The 'Born and Raised' singer is back! After a forced hiatus due to vocal cord surgeries, John returned to the stage, but not without a healthy case of nerves
Mike Coppola

John Mayer performed in public for the first time in nearly two years at a fundraiser for firefighters in Montana earlier this week, and he was surprisingly nervous about it. Mayer's been out of commission since 2011 after he underwent two surgeries to remove growths on his vocal cords. Fans witnessed Mayer's more timid side as the usually outspoken singer-songwriter gave a bit of a shaky speech before he started his set.

Mayer performed "If I Ever Get Around to Living," but he had a few things to say before he started. "April of 2011 I was making the Born and Raised record... and I realized my voice sounded like my body was a radio dial, and somebody had knocked it, and it was half off the dial." After a trip to the doctor where he learned he'd have to go on nearly 24 months of vocal rest, it was "a crazy couple of years": His hiatus involved "going a little mad, and then sometimes genius for a night, and then no one was there to see it, so then I was mad again."

Since he's been cleared to sing again, Mayer's almost back to 100 percent save for a "chemical they shot through my neck" (which sounds absolutely horrifying). "Lower your expectations," John warned. Judging from fan footage from the show (below), no such warning was necessary. 

Welcome back, John.


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