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80-Year-Old Petula Clark Releases Suprisingly Awesome New Song

"Cut, Copy Me" has some serious Lykke Li vibes

By the time an artist hits 80, their prime hitmaking period has usually past. But Petula Clark (of “Downtown” fame) has crafted a new song that's really, really awesome! And even more surprising: it's contemporary! In fact, it exudes Lykke Li vibes (who, for the record is 54 years her junior).

Clark’s folky new single “Cut, Copy Me” sounds like the indie artists Pitchfork staffers drool over. Clark’s voice is reverb-y and enchanting, as she sings touching lyrics of companionship over light guitar: “I promise to give you the sweetest sleep / And my shoulders yours when you weep.”

Pop-folk seems to be a flavor of the month at Top 40 (Phillip Phillips “Home,” Of Monsters and Men “Little Talks”). So could Clark's new song become, dare we say, a hit? 

Though its not a brand-spanking-new track, it's gotten a wave of positive buzz on the blogosphere: Popjustice called it “breathtaking,” Stereoboard labeled it a “mesmerizing, contemporary surprise” and The Prophet Blog says it's “beautiful and amazing.” Nice buzz for her new album, Lost in You, out now.

“Cut, Copy Me” is also reaching out to EDM lovers with its dance floor-ready remixes. The Compuphonic remix (below) turns her melodious track into a slick club cut. 

Clark's “Downtown” is easily one of our favorite karaoke tracks. But with “Cut, Copy Me,” Petula Clark proves that age is just a number when it comes to making great music. 

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