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 / May 6, 2013

May 6: J. Lo Down!

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Uri Schanker / Getty Images

Even as Jennifer Lopez takes a spill in the ocean on the set of her new video, "Live it Up," she still manages to look stunning. NOT. FAIR.

May 3: Katy Perry Launches Killer Queen Perfume

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Coty

Her royal highness Katy Perry launched her new fragrance Killer Queen in NYC last night. The singer seemed to adjust to the new role quite nicely, wouldn't you say?

May 2: Will and Jaden Smith Heart You

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Yoshikazu Tsuno/Getty Images

Taylor Swift, look what you've done.

May 1: Damn, Girl!

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Mario Testino for V Magazine

Miley Cyrus shows it all off in the latest issue of V Magazine. I guess we finally need to change the meaning of the phrase "Just  bein' Miley" from "Dressing up as Hannah Montana" to "Being a hot-ass b-tch."

Apr. 30: Shakira and Usher Sittin' in a Tree...

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Photo Credit: Usher/Instagram

So The Voice judgest aren't really sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. But can't we just pretend they are? #prettiestcoupleever

Apr. 29: Katy Perry Goes to Washington

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Photo Credit: Katy Perry/Twitter

Katy Perry says "Sup" to the Lincoln Memorial. No, really. Those crazy millennials!

Apr. 26: A$AP Rocky Chills on a Yacht With Models... Obviously

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GQ / Condé Nast

We know this was for a photo shoot (for GQ), but something tells us this scenario isn't too foreign to A$AP Rocky.

Apr. 25: Bruno Mars Is Smokin'

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Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone

Bruno Mars is serving us some '70s Hugh Hefner realness on the cover of the May issue of Rolling Stone. We likey.

Apr. 24: The Cutest Photo of Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean. Ever.

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Kevin Mazur

Told ya. 

Apr. 23: Katy Perry, There's a Giant Smurf Behind You

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

While attending the Smurfs 2 party in Cancun recently, Katy Perry looked a little surprised at the TERRIFYING HUMONGOUS BLUE PERSON/THING behind her. We don't blame her.

Apr. 22: Justin Bieber, Masked Crusader

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Photo Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber, WHAT are you doing? Oh, just uploading photos of yourself in a Chanel face mask to Instagram? Oh, OK. 

Helpful hint, though: There's only one "N" in "Chanel." You'll get it right next time!

Apr. 19: THIS Is How You Have a Body Party

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Photo Credit: Ciara/Instagram

Ciara stopped by the Jenny McCarthy show and got pretty friendly (read: borderline NSFW) with the host. 

Apr. 18: Who Just Got a Giant Wiz Khalifa Tattoo?

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Photo Credit: Amber Rose/Instagram

That would be his babymomma, Amber Rose. Fingers crossed that this one lasts! Tattoos are a bitch to get rid of.

Apr. 17: All That Glitters

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Photo Credit: Selena Gomez/Twitter

Selena Gomez's gold sparkly nails match her gold sparkly phone cover, making her "one of those girls," as she told us on Twitter. Is it OK if we secretly love it?

Apr. 16: Say Hello to Mrs. Carter

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Photo Credit:

Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter world tour last night in Serbia, and we think the pose says it all: "I am here, b-tches." Yes, ma'am!

Apr. 15: Puff Puff Pass

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Kevork Djansezian

Presenters Snoop Lion and Ke$ha share some sort of cigarette (wink wink) on stage at last night's MTV Movie Awards. We don't really remember much of the show after this happened, and we presume they don't either!

Apr. 12: The 5th Coach

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Photo Credit: Shakira/Twitter

"Clearly Milan’s intrigued by this performance #5thCoach," Shakira tweeted yesterday when her 11-week-old cutie made a special appearance on 'The Voice' set during taping.

Apr. 11: 2 Chainz's New Boo

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Photo Credit: 2 Chainz/Instagram

2 Chainz took to Instagram to announce he's dating kick-ass hottie Mariska Hargitay! Okay, not really - BUT he did use his IG to tell the world he's starring in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU, which may be even better!

Apr. 10: Cover Girl

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Elle / Hearst Digital Media

Adele shines on the cover of Elle's "Women in Music" issue. How can someone look so regal yet sound so foul? Yet another reason we love this woman.

Apr. 9: Subtle, Rihanna. Real Subtle

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Jason Merritt

RiRi shows off her favorite dance move during her latest stop in L.A. on her Diamonds world tour. (Check out more where that came from during her Toronto tour kick-off.)

Apr. 8: Katy Perry's Heart of Gold

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UNICEF / Kate Holt

During a recent trip to Madagascar with UNICEF, Katy Perry shares the love the most universal way you can: a fist bump.

Apr. 5: Hangin' with Darth Vader

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Photo Credit: Skrillex/Instagram

Here's Skrillex looking sad in Mickey Mouse gloves, hangin' with Darth Vader. Happy Friday!

Apr. 4: We Recognize That Fro...

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Photo Credit: Questlove/Instagram

It's ?uestlove! The Roots drummer treated us to a #tbt ("Throwback Thursday") on Instagram, and it's adorable. "4 year old me & my first true love: Dad's Stereo."

Apr. 3: The Perks of Being Frank Ocean

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Photo Credit: Frank Ocean/Instagram

Frank Ocean Instagrammed one of the best humblebrags we've ever seen: "Kinda cool getting mail from this guy," the Grammy winner wrote about his package from David Bowie. Uh, yeah... kinda.

Apr. 2: Chris Brown and Bow Wow Play Telephone

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Johnny Nunez

What do you think these guys were gossiping about on the set of 106 & Park? Ladies? Money? Recipes? That's it. Recipes.

Apr. 1: The Family That Hops Together...

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This is how Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon spent their Easter...

That is all.

Mar. 29: Glitter Queen of the Animals!

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Ke$ha poses proudly with her Genesis Award from the Humane Society she received earlier this week... In a penguin and panda-patterned outfit, of course.

Mar. 28: Florence Welch Heads Back to the Studio

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Photo Credit: Florence Welch/Twitter

Florence + The Machine's leading lady took to Twitter to remind us all that her job is cooler than ours: "Set up in the Bob Marley room... about to go to the Geejam studios... #backtowork #jamaicastyle."

Mar. 27: Taylor Swift Fights Nasty

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Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/Twitter

How is the "22" singer getting fans to vote for her for Entertainer of the Year at this year's ACM awards? By posting photos of her wielding a bat! (At six years old, so it's actually adorable.)

Mar. 26: It's a Family Affair

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Jamie McCarthy

Jessica Simpson, her daughter Maxwell and her sister Ashlee were all smiles at a Jessica Simpson Maternity event in North Carolina. New girl group in the making?!

Mar. 25: A$AP Talks Equality in 'Interview'

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Interview Magazine

" big issue in hip-hop is the gay thing. It's 2013, and it's a shame that, to this day, that topic still gets people all excited. It's crazy. And it makes me upset that this topic even matters when it comes to hip-hop, because it makes it seem like everybody in hip-hop is small-minded or stupid—and that's not the case."

- A$AP Rocky tells fashion designer Alexander Wang in his upcoming Interview magazine cover story, from the mag's April 2013 issue.

Mar. 22: The Club Can’t Even Handle Them

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Michael Stewart / Getty Images

Kate Upton gets low with Flo Rida at a Samsung event in NYC, entire Internet now hates Flo Rida.

Mar. 21: This Is How Nicki Minaj Chills

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Photo Credit: Nicki Minaj/Twitter

The Harajuku Barbie posted a photo of herself hanging out in the "back of da Bach"... spread eagle while wearing a dress. Well, that's one way to relax.

Mar. 20: Cindy Lou Who, Is That You?

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Jun Sato

Rita Ora was serving some Dr. Seuss realness when she performed at a Japanese runway show recently. Cute or WTF?

Mar. 19: Paramore's Cover Girl

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Marvin Scott Jarrett for NYLON

The always colorful Hayley Williams lights up the cover of the April issue of Nylon magazine. Quick, someone turn this into a paint-by-numbers.

Mar. 18: Who's Taking Hungover Shirtless Selfies?

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Photo Credit: Diplo/Instagram

That would be Diplo. "Someone bring me a smoothie," he wrote. WE'LL BE RIGHT THERE.

Mar. 15: T.I. + Snoop Dogg Sittin' in a Tree

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Mark Davis

T.I. and Snoop Dogg hug it out at SXSW. Can we get in the middle of that sandwich?

Mar. 14: Taylor Swift's Cat Continues Reign of Cuteness

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Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/Twitter

Taylor Swift set out on her Red tour last night, and even though she performed in front of an "AMAZING crowd," she still came home to her favorite fan—her cat!

Mar. 13: B on a Bike

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Photo Credit: Beyonce/Instagram

Why is this our photo of the day? Because it's Beyonce poppin' a wheelie on a dirt bike, duh.

Mar. 12: Heavy Metal Lover

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Photo Credit: Terry Richardson/Tumblr

Leave it to hip surgery patient Lady Gaga to pimp out her wheelchair. GOLD-PLATED, B-TCHES. 

Mar. 11: He Must REALLY Like Butterflies

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Photo Credit: Liam Sparke/Flickr

One Direction's Harry Styles got a HUGE butterfly tattoo on his stomach over the weekend! Just because he's in a boy band doesn't mean he's not a bad-ass.

Mar. 8: Deadmau5's Feline Fever

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Photo Credit: Kat Von D/Instagram

Kat Von D wanted to show off her man Deadmau5's softer side. She uploaded a pic of him posing next to his "I Love My Cat" bumper sticker. Sick, brah.

Mar. 7: We Wanna Be Down

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Photo Credit: Brandy/Instagram

Brandy takes us old school with an adorable #tbt (throwback Thursday) pic of her and her lil' bro, Ray J. All together now: "Awwwww!"

Mar. 6: As Sisqo Once Said...

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Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram

"...Let me see that thong." And Rihanna said, "No prob." God bless Instagram.

Mar. 5: A PSA From Beyonce

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Photo Credit: Beyonce/Instagram

Attention out-of-work pop stars: UPS is hiring.

Mar. 4: Ain't Nobody F-cking Wit My Clique

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Pascal Le Segretain

NBD, it's just Sky Ferreira, Frank Ocean and Ciara sitting front row at Givenchy during Paris Fashion Week. Where was our invite?

Mar. 1: I See London, I See France...

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Photo Credit: Rita Ora/Instagram

Rita Ora's underpants, ladies and gents. 

Feb. 28: Justin Bieber or Pokemon?

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Photo Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Yes, the Biebs left the house in this outfit, but not without a quick ego check from his manager. "Ryan said you won't go out in that. I said watch me a haha toocolorful next time im gonna wear a black hat."

Feb. 27: Best. Photobomb. Ever.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

When worlds collide: Tyler, the Creator and Donald Trump (and Taco from Odd Future) were all on hand for Jimmy Fallon last night. And then this happened. And poor Donald had no idea. 

…..Guy in front asked for picture- said he was the biggest fan, never saw the guy in back.
Feb 27 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

…..Guy in front asked for picture- said he was the biggest fan, never saw the guy in back.
Feb 27 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Feb. 26: Pete Wentz Digs for Gold

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Photo Credit: Pete Wentz / Instagram

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shares a private moment in London. Never too old for a good nose pick. 

Feb. 25: WTF Alert

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Photo Credit: Neil Mockford

The Biebs was spotted in London shopping and sporting a gas mask. 20 bucks says he later attached a bong to it and partied like it was 3012.

Feb. 22: Young, Wild & Free!

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Photo Credit: Amber Rose/Instagram

Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend Amber Rose welcomed their first child, Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz, on Thursday, Feb. 22. Congratulations to the happy couple and their new little bud! 

Feb. 20: Justin Timberlake Suits Up

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Photo Credit: Justin Timberlake/Instagram

Justin Timberlake getting dressed before the BRIT Awards? Don't mind if I do.

Feb. 19: Rihanna's River Island Print Ad

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Photo Credit: River Island/Rihanna's Instagram

Phresh out the runway, Rihanna uploaded the first ad campaign that she directed for her River Island clothing line to Instagram. Can we get a RiRi makeover, too?

Feb. 15: Never Change, Mariah Carey

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Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Twitter

This is how Mariah Carey celebrated Valentine's Day—with her dog in a bathtub. Weirder, even: her husband, Nick Cannon, was also in attendance. Different strokes...

Feb. 14: Pink for Valentine's Day

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

On the eve of V-Day, Pink opens her The Truth About Love tour in Phoenix, AZ. So much symbolism!

Feb. 13: Dreams Really Do Come True

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Photo Credit: Drake/Instagram

After Riff Raff uploaded this photo of him chilling with Drake to Instagram last night, the Internet is now convinced these two are working together. Riff Raff's mysterious tweet didn't help matters, either. If these two are teaming up, IT. WILL. BE. EPIC.

Feb 13 via Instagram Favorite Retweet Reply

Feb 13 via Instagram Favorite Retweet Reply

Feb. 12: That 70's Show

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Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

Bruno Mars released a new press pic today in accordance with the announcement of his Moonshine Jungle World Tour, kicking off this summer. Are we the only ones hoping the show is as retro as the pic? Pretty please?

Feb. 11: Madonna's On Instagram, Motherf-ckers

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Photo Credit: Madonna/Instagram

The Queen of Pop joined the world of filtered selfies with a photo of herself in a bra sipping a cocktail. "Cheers motherf-ckers," she wrote. Right back atcha, Madge!

Feb. 8: The Definition of WTF

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Photo Credit: The Game/Instagram

Never did we think we'd ever see Game, Taylor Swift and a gym all in one photo. We're just going to pretend this was taken right before their celebration jog after they found out Bravo picked up their "Odd Couple"-inspired reality show.

Feb. 7: Katy Perry and Sia Hit the Sauce

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Photo Credit: Katy Perry/Instagram

Sia and Katy Perry are currently in the studio (!!!), and they looked a little loopy after knocking back a few Red Bulls. Don't they know they shouldn't take a photo like that?! Their eyes are gonna stay that way!

Feb. 6: Game's Love of Dr. Dre > Your Love of Anything

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Photo Credit:The Game/Instagram

Game loves Dr. Dre's The Chronic album so much that he got it tattooed on his stomach. Some might call that "dedication," others might call that "f-cking crazy."

Feb. 5: Literal Fly Girl

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

In case you forgot that Jennifer Lopez is living your dream life, here she is with her much younger boyfriend wearing matching pajamas and about to board a private jet... to fly over all her haters. Bye.

Feb. 4: Donuts For Everyone!

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Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

How did Taylor Swift celebrate her single, "I Knew You Were Trouble," going No. 1 in the U.K.? By buying her entire team donuts. Yo, Swift: You hiring? 

Feb. 1: Friends Who Tat Together Stay Together

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Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of crossing arrows on the back of her elbow. According to the tattoo artist who did the ink, Kat Von D, it's a "simple symbol of friendship." We don't know who Miley's referencing in the tat, but we secretly hope it's for her alter ego, Hannah Montana. She's just being Miley!

Jan. 31: IT LIVES

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Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines. Here's our first real peek at the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West baby bump. 

Jan. 30: Ridin' Dirty

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Photo Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber and his BFF Lil Twist got 99 problems but a whip ain't one. 

Jan. 29: Introducing Nerdface Killah

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Photo Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga found her biggest pair of glasses, let them slip to the tip of her nose and tweeted, "Dont worry. Nerdface Killah is studio stuntin. Man I love making records." Does this mean reading is cool again, too?

Jan. 28: "Hey, girl, hey!"

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Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Jay-Z says what's up to pal/fellow super-rich guy Kobe Bryant at a Lakers game last weekend at Los Angeles' Staples Center. Related: Life is unfair.

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