Whoops! Skrillex's Hair Catches Fire While Blowing Out Birthday Candles

It was almost THE END of Skrillex hair!
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

Having Skrillex hair is all fun and games (right, Avril?) until someone's locks go up in flames. 

Skrillex, the inventor of Skrillex hair, experienced quite the scare on Tuesday when he blew out the candles on his 25th birthday cake at an L.A. club and his hair caught fire. 

Maybe it was all the flashes from the iPhones in his face, or maybe he had one too many Red Bull Vodkas, but when the DJ's hair fell into his cake and caught on fire, it took Skrillex a minute to back up and put it out. But then he laughed, and his friends laughed, and we laughed and everything was fine. 

Happy belated, Skrillex! May your luscious locks shine on near-tragedy-free for another year.

Watch Skrillex set his hair on fire blowing out his birthday candles!

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