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That Was Swift: 7 Things That Last Longer Than Haylor

Nooooooooooo! The unthinkable has happened: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are DONE after only a month

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She Knew He Was Trouble...

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It seems like only yesterday that Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles were having an adorably puke-worthy time at the Central Park Zoo when they first came out as a couple (kind of). But all true romances must come to an end. #haylor is reportedly NO MORE just over a month after the two began dating. We don't have too many details on what allegedly ended the relationship, but we already made our guesses a while ago.

While Taylor Swift is readying her next revenge song, have a look at our list of hair dye/houseflies/Kardashian relationships, etc. that lasted longer than Tay and Harry.

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The Life of a Housefly

Ceratitis capitata
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That fly that's been buzzing around your kitchen might have been there before Taylor and Harry ever got together. Houseflies (the really healthy ones) can live about a month. Or, as we're now calling it: one full Haylor.

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The Last Groupon You Bought

That Groupon you bought that's sitting starred in your inbox has been there long before Taylor even laid eyes on Harry... and will still be redeemable long after one of them is seen out with a new love interest.

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A Tank of Gas

Green fuel can on white background, side view
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For some people who take public transporation to work, they still have the same gas sitting in their tank since the pre-Haylor days. Eco-friendly!

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Kim Kardashian's Marriage to Kris Humphries

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) (Exclusive Coverage)  Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian watch Prince perform during his "Wel
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Ouch. Even that was 72 days.

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Kim Kardashian's Divorce to Kris Humphries

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 15: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are seen shopping for their wedding at Scott Hill Bespoke Design
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Kim and Kris filed for divorce on Halloween of 2011 and it's still not finalized. That makes their separation not only way longer than the time Taylor and Harry spent together, but also the time Kim and Kris were married. America!

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Your Manic Panic Dye Job

gothic punk elegant man portrait
Pascal Genest/Getty Images

You're still trying to get rid of those pink streaks you thought were a good idea this summer. Maybe Taylor and Harry have some suggestions for you.

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Your First College Major

Girl Looking up at a Sign With People Rushing Behind Her
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You thought Political Science (or Philosophy or Architecture) sounded like a great idea at first. After a year, you had enough. It only took Haylor a month to get sick of each other.

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