The 8 Best Kanye West Rants of All-Time

To honor 'Ye's rant against Justin Timberlake, Fuse revisits the rapper's most embarrassing moments, from interrupting Taylor Swift to dissing President George Bush
 / February 24, 2013

Kanye's Mouth Knows No Limits

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Dimitrios Kambouris

Last night Kanye West went on another onstage tirade during a concert in London, this time dissing his pal Jay-Z’s “Suit & Tie” collabo with Justin Timberlake. So in honor of this latest rant, we're taking a trip down memory lane and celebrating Yeezy's best erratic rants of all time.

Kanye Hates on Fashion

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Dominique Charriau

West is a modern-day renaissance man who dabbles in many creative fields, including fashion. And he doesn't need a mic to get his feelings out on the subject, just a Twitter account. Last May he went on a Twitter tirade about his dislike of certain fashion choices...

"I hate button up shirts with hoodies. I hate hoodies with sport coats. I hate sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes. I hate khaki trench coats with jeans and off brand work out sneakers. I Hate big ass striped scarves."

Kanye's Nonsensical Tirade About Text Messages, His Ego & "D-ck"

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During his performance of "Say You Will” in Melbourne, Australia last February, Yeezy flew off the handles for seven minutes with a hysterical and confessional rant about a text exchange with a lady friend. "Now it’s like 3:30 and you tell me you’re on your way…Who you gonna listen to? Your ego or your d**k.”

'Ye Tells Atlantic City, "I'm Not Crazy"

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Last December West performed three nights in Atlantic City, and each night was spectacularly insane. On the opening night he wore a crazy mask, and on the final night he announced his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was pregnant. The best moment, though, came on night two, West went on a weird diatribe that left everyone both completely intrigued and extremely confused. Particularly when he said, "I'm not crazy, I'm just not satisfied." Okay then.

"They Won’t Let Real Artists Be Artists!"

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Before West won a Grammy for his fifth album My Beautiful Dark Fantasy, he got a lot of slack for one of its singles, "Monster." The NSFW video featured scantily clad women that were either dead, decapitated or dangling from the ceiling by their necks. He defended his artistic endeavor at the Milwaukee Summerfest in 2011, saying "They won’t let real artists be artists. They want some commercialized yes-men sitting in their motherf--king seat letting the bullshit go down year after year after year."

Kanye at 2006 MTV Europe Awards: "Oh, Hell No"

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Kanye’s video "Touch The Sky" lost to Justice vs. Simeon's "We Are Your Friends" clip at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards. Naturally, West awkwardly leapt onstage and barked, "Oh, hell no!" He then ranted about why his video should've won, explaining that it cost a million dollars to produce and also featured a cameo by Pamela Anderson. "If I don't win, then the awards show loses credibility." Actually, no, just you do, Kanye.


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Another day, another Kanye fuse blown! 

Last night (February 24), West spent a minute yelling into his microphone at his Hammersmith Apollo show in London. Post-scream sesh, he threw the mic down and Rap-Up said it flew into the audience and hit a fan’s arm. Apparently, ‘Ye was not happy with certain sound and production elements. Mature!

"Imma Let You Finish"

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Taylor Swift became a superstar when Kanye crashed her acceptance speech at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2006. "Yo Taylor, Imma let you finish but Beyonce had the best video of all time." Classic!

"George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

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In 2005 the world was shocked by Hurricane Katrina and its unthinkable damage, politically, socially and naturally. Celebrities rallied together for a Red Cross telethon, and one of the segments featured actor Mike Myers and West standing side-by-side. Myers spoke first, reading from a teleprompter about the devastation in the South. When it was Yeezy's turn, he didn't even bother with the script. 

"I hate the way they portray us in the media," West began. It awkwardly went down hill from there. Stiff and visually uncomfortable, Myers turned to Kanye in disbelief and the rapper, nervous himself, stuttered through a rant that ended with this now infamous line: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."


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