Chris Brown's Lawyer: "He's Being Tortured by DA Office"

Breezy's attorney claims the LA District Attorney likes to "jock him around"
David McNew

Following Chris Brown's surprisingly short court detour this afternoon—the judge said he needed more time to review the case and scheduled the next hearing for April 5—Brown's lawyer lashed out at the Los Angeles District Attorney's office for alleging his client faked community service hours. 

"In 30 years of clients, I've never had a client that has been tortured by a DA office while on probation like Chris Brown," attorney Mark Geragos said in a public statement. "The deputies should be found in contempt of court."

When asked why the DA would go out of its way to torment Brown, the R&B singer's lawyer said it's because they like pushing him around. "They're paralyzed by the thought that his probation will be terminated," Geragos raged. "If that happens, they won't be able to jock him around like they have been."

Brown's lawyer also explained why Rihanna showed up to court with her on-again boyfriend. "[It was] in support. [She's] completely supportive. She thinks it's utterly ridiculous to him."

"I've got pictures, witnesses [of his community service]," Geragos explained. "I have what they don't have—evidence."

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