Demi Lovato Wants Lady Gaga to Replace Britney Spears as 'X Factor' Judge

Now that Mother Monster has cancelled her tour, she just might have the time
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Demi Lovato isn't sure whether she’ll return as a judge on The X Factor next season, but the "Heart Attack" singer said if she does, she wants Lady Gaga by her side.

"I would love to see Lady Gaga," Lovato said on Extra. "I don't know if that's possible or not."

It's certainly more possible now that Mother Monster has cancelled her tour due to a hip injury. Gaga will need plenty of rest while recovering, and sitting on those big comfy judging chairs could be just what the doctor ordered.  

In addition to Britney Spearsdeparture from X Factor, music exec L.A. Reid has said that he won't be returning as a judge either. With all that uncertainty, Lovato said there could be three new judges altogether.

"I have no idea what's gonna happen next season, and I don't think anybody does," Lovato told MTV News. "It's just crazy 'cause at the same time, just like L.A. is, I'm trying to build a career for my own too. It was an amazing experience and I loved doing this show. It's just, there's no way to tell.”

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